Nemo Mobile kernel is rebased

Current Nemo Mobile kernel is based on outdated N9 kernel sources 2.6.32-20112201+0m6.

There was many changes/fixes in the N9(50) kernel since this kernel version. DocScrutinizer05@freenode gave link to iso image with Harmattan sources provided by Nokia, the image contains updated N9(50) kernel sources tarball.

I found the nearest mainline commit, branched from it and applied 2.6.32-20121301+0m8 sources divided it onto several patches (mechanically, using basic python script) to avoid to make a single commit consisting from ~500000 LOC :), applied actual Nemo patches (most patches lost their value, it was backports of some fixes done in the 2.6.32-20121301+0m8 kernel).

Resulting sources can be found in the bitbucket git, branch mer-n9-2.6.32-20121301, Nemo Mobile package for the period of testing is hosted in my OBS home, and can be installed from Nemo Mobile repository.

I have tested it on my N950 but, of course, and it seems everything is fine. But I can't promise that your device will not destroy the Universe :-P So, install it on your risk and do not blame me. But feedback is welcome ;-).

Org version 7.8.11 with Emacs version 24


MeeGo is back to life by Jolla Mobile

Maemo/Meego was definitely the best Nokia child and it was abandoned by the current Nokia CEO to make Microsoft happy. And it was looked like everybody buried MeeGo. It was supported openly only by brave ans passionate Mer project contributors.

People who believe in MeeGo future and its high potential (technical, humanistic, marketing etc.) and who are ready to invest their spirit to make the best mobile OS ever to be alive exist not only in the wild :-) They organized Jolla Mobile to continue Nokia's excellent work on #MeeGo based smartphones together with the #N9 core professionals and #MeeGo community alumni..

So, be sure Nokia N9 is not the last good smartphone in history ;-) and follow JollaMobile for updates.


dummy PEG parser in and for python

Just another dummy parser

I tried to use different PEG parser generator python libraries and found none of them satisfies to my requirements (including ability to work with containers other then string/buffer (to use it for live stream parsing), transparent parsing tracking) while effort needed to adopt any of 'em to my needs is higher then to write own parser generator.

So, here is a small dummy PEG parser generator — ˜1 kloc including simple utility code to avoid any external dependencies, published under MIT license, tested with python2.7